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John Jordan-Cascade
Independent Digital Producer

JohnPortrait2_250px_Aug2011My best project to date, “First Moon Rising: A Girl’s Wisdom and Rite-of-Passage Journey,”is now available for sale on DVD. The project was produced in cooperation with Georgette Star, a Portland-area educator and spiritual counselor who runs a girl’s program called, Maiden Spirit. You can see the primary 22 minute production now on YouTube.

My Mission

I see my role in society as a bridge between cultural perspectives that seldom understand each other. There are so many wonderful new ideas (many of which draw upon ancient wisdom) that struggle for recognition and acceptance from the rest of the culture that is ordinarily referred to as “mainstream.” I feel a personal resonance and a breadth of experience in both worlds. That resonance, combined with a deep-rooted capacity for empathy and many years of media development, make me uniquely well-suited to provide engaging messages calling for the development of a better civilization.


During my years as corporate video producer I won two national awards and produced a documentary on the nonviolent movement to stop nuclear testing in the Nevada desert. “Peace Test: Nonviolence in Action” had a long-running airing on local public access TV. As part of a volunteer special project in 2001, I also produced an educational video, “Your Voice Matters,” which was widely used by women across Oregon to lobby their state legislature for better funding for women’s safety and health.

In August 2011 I finished a vocal exercise DVD, “Unified Voice-Works: A path to Healing, Integration and Performance,” hosted by Unified Voice-Works creator and singer/songwriter, Heather Hutton. Now available for sale online, this DVD features 11 original voice therapy exercises. For more about the Unified Voice-Works workshops: www.UnifiedVoiceWorks.com.

I’ve produced several short form promotional videos for my current employer, Beyond Toxics. The latest is a 4 minute video released last December about the most recent accomplishments of Beyond Toxics: “Beyond Toxics: Leadership for a Clean and Just Oregon” (YouTube video) garnered a terrific reception and helped us a raise money at the end of the year in 2014. Another simple documentary, “A Toxic Legacy: Environmental Justice in West Eugene” (12 min. YouTube video) highlighted a unique environmental justice bus tour of West Eugene in the Spring of 2012 and covers the issue of environmental justice in general. In 2011 I produced  a 12 minute video, which helped to announce our name change and which provided an overview of what we’re all about to those who may be unfamiliar with our work for environmental health. It was very well received by those in attendance at the Name Change Roll-Out fundraising party in mid-November 2011 and again at an outreach office party in December that year.

In April of 2010 I finished a celebratory video for the Foundation of Sacred Heart Medical Center that included testimonials from patients honoring select physicians. (Read the letter of recommendation from my primary contact). The final video has not been posted on my business site, as the production was intended for a single-use event only.

In 2007, I completed an educational video for a business my brother (Jim Jordan) created, Health Freedom Seminars. The 2-hour video, “Legal Guidelines for Natural Health Care Providers,” is now available for sale at his website and includes a detailed legal manual.

My writing experience includes 3 blogs and a number of newsletter articles for my current employer, Beyond Toxics, a fundraising letter for a human rights non-profit, a feature film screenplay (Sweet Life); a two-act play; a variety of educational video scripts and a great many essays and opinion pieces (some published). See the writing samples page for more details.

I was born with a natural inclination towards empathy, creativity and an appreciation for fine details and raised by parents who had ideas a little out of the mainstream. (This has helped me think “out of the box.”) I have developed an appreciation for many perspectives and honed the skill of diplomacy out of a deep fascination with people. Over many years of involvement with a wide variety of projects, I have become adept at many things technical: video production, photography, graphics and web design. Taken together, these characteristics lend themselves perfectly to the business of creative design and filmmaking.

John Jordan-Cascade, Writer and Independent Digital Producer
Eugene, Oregon

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