These are the major projects I have finished or that are in development…

FMR_PromoImageCROPPED_300pxWFirst Moon Rising

About the Video

This film is a collaboration with Georgette Star: educator, spiritual guide and mentor for girls based in Portland, Oregon. “First Moon Rising” offers an inspiring glimpse into the heart of the Maiden Spirit Spirituality and Rite-of-Passage program, which is the gradual and intentional preparation for a girl’s conscious and celebrated rite of passage into sacred womanhood at menarche (First Moon or period).

From the DVD case:
Society is beginning to shift the way we see and raise girls. We are beginning to recognize the value of honoring the feminine, both in the world and within ourselves. This is an introduction to the innovative and deeply nurturing programs of Maiden Spirit, the Portland, OR-based creation of Georgette Star. Georgette’s ground-breaking work started as a vision more than ten years ago. It has now blossomed into a valued success in two major cities, touching many lives! And we’re excited about the prospect of touching many more! The video is designed to be a starting place for inspiring like-minded communities to start similar programs. We hope to engage parents and mentors to create structured groups that lift up the hearts and spirits of our precious daughters.

The First Moon Rising DVD is a creative and spiritual collaboration between John Jordan-Cascade of Cascade Creative Productions and Georgette Star, D. Min., teacher and spiritual guide and founder of the Life Blessing Institute. | For more on Georgette Star and Maiden Spirit, visit:

Dedicated to those who struggle to bring greater appreciation of the Sacred Feminine into our culture and consciousness. You know who you are. Many blessings, John

Unified Voice-Works: A Path to Healing, Integration and Performance

UVWvideo_cover_300px Finished and available for sale | This is an educational/instructional film hosted by Unified Voice-Works creator, singer/songwriter and voice therapist, Heather Hutton. | See a video clip here.

About the Video

Your voice, whether through speaking or in song, is a powerful tool for creative expression and self-awareness. Now, through Unified Voice-Works, you can learn to harness this power and discover your full potential! This DVD provides an introduction to the Unified Voice-Work, a holistic way of working with the voice that engages the body, mind, and spirit in a unified balance. Whether your interest lies more in developing your voice for performance or simply singing for the joy of it, the Unified Voice-Works exercises and holistic approach present a way of shifting physical patterns and beliefs that may be interfering with your vocal freedom and abilities.Heather Hutton, singer-songwriter and experienced voice coach, skillfully guides you through 11 unique and in-depth exercises. Heather helps you step into a way of using your voice that both improves your singing and enhances the way you express yourself in the world. | For more about Heather Hutton’s workshops:

Legal Guidelines for the Natural Health Care Provider 

Finished and available for distribution here. Description: In this dual DVD presentation, Jim Jordan, former Chicago attorney turned health consultant and wellness educator, uncovers the legal keys to protect your holistic health care practice. Produced in conjunction with Health Freedom Seminars.